Friday, October 8, 2010

Speak louder, please.

I never watch videos the videos on your blogs. I don't have the time, and I never think they will be any good, etc. Sorry.

But, I was killing some time yesterday and I watched the video on my SIL's blog. And then I decided to post it here.

I usually have an immature opinion about political things, but it's not well-formed or based on any amount of research and study. After California's Prop 8 battle, my opinion about gay-marriage went from wishy-washy to well-formed. I just needed to hear a lot more about both sides of the issue than I previously had. So, I posted this video because it's message is so powerful, it makes me squirm.


heavenly flower said...

The best part of her speech was about the forgiveness, compassion for the broken one, the role of men as protectors and the role of women and their value. I love her power and testimony of Jesus who made all our hearts to beat..She helped me today to cry and go forward with a purpose no matter the odds.