Friday, May 14, 2010

For the Love . . .

All y'all are the best. Sarah rushed over to donate $50 to my bone marrow donor kit, and although I shouldn't have accepted it, I did, because it was all about the cost for me.

Then, Alyssa told me about free bone marrow typing that she had just heard about, and I checked it out and it was legit! I signed up and they are sending me a kit in a week. If you want to sign up, here's the link:

So, Sarah, I'm going to bring your money back. Thanks though. You're an inspiration. If you or anyone else wants a free photo shoot, I'm feeling generous.

Now, I'm going to go cry a little.

p.s. Miguel's uncle was just diagnosed with leukemia. His daughter died of leukemia several years ago and his wife died suddenly in her sleep a couple of years ago, and if anything happens to him, his daughter, Miguel's cousin, a freshman at BYU-I, will be alone in the world. And, I just learned from my reading that most bone marrow recipients are leukemia patients, and so I feel good about this. Thanks again.


Sarah Jane said...

How about you wait until you have the kit in hand? Just to make sure.

I'm sorry about Miguel's uncle, that is so sad. I hope for a happy outcome!

I think you are GREAT for doing this! I never knew it was an option to be a donor without having a patient in mind. That's just cool. I'll have to read more on it.

My cousin's life was saved by anothers bone marrow. I think it's amazing what they can do! Thank God for medical science, and people like YOU who would go through the pain to help a stranger.